Wednesday, 19 January 2011

What can be better ? Driving through the Scottish Highlands taking photographs , listening to music and generally relaxing .

This day in particular I left Dundee early to arrive in the Highlands before sunrise in the hope I could catch some sunrise shots (I never got any as the sky was a total washout )

These shots were a last gasp chance as I was heading home through Rannoch Moor , just watching the sunset ..... THEN.... I remembered a loch at the bottom of a hill which is entirely made up of hairpin bends , the question became "would I make it?" .

Now I can admit to breaking the speed limit (and possibly the landspeed record) but as you can see I made it , in fact when I got to the Loch I actually punched the air in celebration when I looked over and stared in awe at the sight before me .

Click the pictures for a bigger view

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